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CAP is a research project developed with MODULTEC that explores the potential of 3d modular industrialized construction to assume geometric variations from the by default transport format while keeping transport efficiency.

The research takes the day care health centre type developed by the catalan health department as a case study and sets a range of hypothesis to test geometric variation from the by default special transport box constraints. Those hypothesis intend to cover a wide range of casuistry: from adaptation to non regular boundaries to reconfiguration of the patios layout in order to increase circulation alternatives and affect external and internal shape while keeping always the same ratio program/transport units.

The results of that research prove that geometric versatility of MODULTEC 3d modular construction system depends mainly on design ability and very often typological and urban regulation constraints are imply bigger geometric restrictions that construction system.

 Project team:

Toni Montes, Vasileios Ntovros and Modultec technical department