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Didi Digomi Complex

Didi Dighomi is an up growing District located north from Tblisi downtown, well connected to the highway that links the city with the airport and the eastern regions.
The site is a 17ha plot currently occupied by five abandoned soviet industrial buildings. The site’s location and extension represent an optimal opportunity to develop a new centrality area operating at district, metropolitan and regional scales.  Recycling of the existing industrial buildings will become the main axis for the development of the area. 

Recycling of buildings 2 and 3 will be the first milestone on the transformation of the site.  These two buildings will be hybridized with a new structure to become a commercial and recreational infrastructure operating at a metropolitan scale. 

The original soviet industrial structures have big spatial and formal potential to locate these new uses and become the main actor on the new identity of the complex.
The site in which the buildings are is currently empty and out of use. The new public space network must be built inside and around the existing structures. Hibrydation of existing and new structures searches to generate a wide range of activated public spaces: outdoor covered pedestrian strip, indoor vaulted boulevard, elevated plaza, while providing big flexibility to the program layout.