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Elisava Strategic Plan

Elisava is the first and currently one of the most prestigious design schools created in Spain. Born in 1961, the school was located originally in a 19th century building in Plaça de la Mercè. Along the years, Elisava has experienced a continuous and sustainable growth and, in 2009, the school moved to the present location in La Rambla.

10 years after, a new educational model together with the expected growth for the next years require an adaptation of the building. This transformation opens an opportunity to rethink the building and explore all the options for a radical change.

In September 2017, Elisava commissioned Miba to elaborate a meticulous study of the present situation of the building and to elaborate a strategic plan for the future transformation. The study starts with a diagnosis taking into account many different issues, such as identity, navigation, program organization, growth potentials and proposes a transformation strategy that integrates all these issues in a limited number of simple and global actions.