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La Marina Social Centre

The new integral social center at la Marina del Port is a pioneer project that groups all the social services of the neighborhood and, therefore, must be a backbone of the social cohesion of the neighborhood. A welcoming place, which neighbors feel as part of their everyday reality.

The center should also be a space that fosters interaction and collaboration between all the people who work there, because this is the key issue for unexpected projects and initiatives, as a result of the debate among professionals from different disciplines, concerns and sensitivities, that will allow us to benefit from the potential through integrating proposals.

Third, like any contemporary public equipment, it must be an architectural reference designed for people, firmly committed to energy savings and responsible for reducing the ecological footprint throughout its entire life cycle.

The project is being carried out in close collaboration with the Societat Orgànica and Vidal engineers and is expected to obtain a Leed Platinum certification.