Llançà Nursing Home

The building is placed on the lower level of the plot, keeping intact the vegetation of the upper level that will extend to the roof. The configuration of the building in a double cloister on one floor, with the main access located at the junction between the two cloisters, allows all common spaces of use and service for users to have a flat foot relationship with each other and with the outside

All rooms are oriented to the southeast or southwest and have direct connection to a garden space. The inner courtyards provide privacy to the rooms, while outside, to the southeast, has direct connection to the day center, with the rest of the garden and overlooking Rodes mountain range.

The position of the main gateway, at the same level as the street, facilitates the orientation and independence of the area of ​​residence regarding the day center. In addition, the slope of the street makes possible the creation of an independent service access, completely disconnected from the common spaces of use, at the lowest level: the morgue, the general store and the laundry will be located in this level.