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Llosa de la Vall d’Hebron

Competition 1st prze

La Llosa occupies a strategic position in the district and it is currently a local police parking infrastructure laying on top of the repair workshops of Barcelona’s subway.

The city is planning to remove the parking and transform the site in a new centrality area.

The initial proposal operates with de local and metropolitan conditions of the project at different scales to create on continuous system. The existing slab extends to the limits of the site and folds it to achieve full connectivity to all the perimeter. A linear building along the expressway side will locate all the metropolitan facilities. This linear building will be very permeable in the ground level to promote access and transparency to the central plaza and the views. Neighbourhood facilities will be located under the slab’s highest level ,open to the views and generating a pedestrian promenade that connects the north and south residential areas. The central square is conceived as a panoramic plaza and will relate the expressway side with the pedestrian promenade creating a continuous topography.. The market will also link metropolitan and local system having access at both levels. An office tower will lay on top of the linear building on its south edge.

In the second iteration offices and part of the metropolitan facilities are replaced by the day care area of Vall d’Hebron Hospital.