UPF Antic Mercat Del Peix


The main objective of our proposal is to articulate the complexity of the present transformation, overcoming the idea of ​​prefixing the buildings and establishing a flexible regulatory framework in relation to architectural typologies, which allows the progressive development of the area, in coherence with the phases.

This general framework determines the relationship with the different urban scales, with the public spaces between the buildings,  maximize the resulting urban quality and guarantee a higher degree of sustainability. It also introduces a high degree of volumetric flexibility, which contributes to adaptability and allows the deterioration of the order to qualify the buildings and contribute to the improvement of the sustainability.

Due to the need to articulate urban movements, give continuity to the green structure and maximize the synergies between the new research buildings, a large free space is established - The Agora, wich connects nature, environment and the management of the energy, and interwines the uses and programs of buildings.